Sign Painter Movie


In November of 2012, Jeff and fellow pinstriper/sign painters Bob Behounek and Pat Finley were delighted to be involved with the filming of the documentary Sign Painters supporting the book about the history and art form of sign painting.

Included in the film is footage and conversations with Jeff and Pat Finley painting Trunk Club’s logo on a rough old wall at their Chicago location. The film makers Faythe Levine & Sam Macon caught the boys as they laid out the logo and painted it just like old signage was always done in the age before computers.

The credits of the film took on an awesome look when we all collaborated at my shop and used my old shop truck as the substrate to paint them on. Bob Behounek was a paint slinging son of a gun for that project!



Check out the official Sign Painters site and get your copy of the film and book!!!!!