Gold leaf gives a timeless, elegant look to a storefront window or sign.

The King of Paint, Jeff Williams, is a professional sign-maker based in Southeast Wisconsin/Northeast Illinois. His passion lies in creating custom and unique signs that enhance the beauty and value of any business or personal property.

He has been specializing in gold leaf signs, reverse glass signs, and hand lettering with gold leaf since he started in the sign biz 40 years ago. Jeff only uses the finest quality materials and techniques to ensure your sign or art piece is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.

His gold leaf signs are meticulously crafted using genuine 23-karat gold leaf and are ideal for businesses that want to add a touch of class and elegance to their storefronts or signage. He also offers reverse glass signs, created by painting the letters and design on the back of the glass, creating a beautiful and unique effect.

Jeff's hand lettering with gold leaf is perfect for creating custom signs for businesses, storefronts, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, and architectural features.

In addition to gold leaf services, Jeff offers a wide range of other sign-making services, including hand-painted signs, pinstriping, and more.

No matter what your sign and decoration requirements may be, The King of Paint is here to help you create the perfect piece that will attract customers and enhance the beauty of your property.


Let the King Of Paint gold leaf your world