Call of Duty Jeep

2012 Jeep Wrangler “Call of Duty®: MW3 Edition.”

First of all, I want to thank Barnes Automotive & Truck Svc. in Arlington Heights, IL for sending this project my way.  When this job first came in, the customer was thinking of just getting his jeep striped. After we kicked around ideas, we decided that doing some theme artwork that went with the Call of Duty ®: MW3 Jeep trim package would be perfect for this ride.

“All the artwork just fell into place.”  Thinking of how to pull this job off with colors, I decided to go with the different tones of gray – so the artwork would stand out in direct sunlight, but then kinda fade away in the shade. I decided that we couldn’t  go wrong with the dog tag thing, the C.O.D. skull, and some crosshairs…had to throw in some guns, flames, stripes and the uniform patch artwork, too.

This paint job is steam’n & gleam’n in the parking lot of the halfway house for reluctant nuns.

Peace, Love & High Temp. Reducer,

Jeff – The King of Paint